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    AUD steel material grade chart has been pioneered the high advanced Steel steel plate supplier in China.

    1. Grander mobile CNC boring and milling machine
    Max process size : 10500*5500mm
    Tolerance: 0.05mm
    Reference product :
    2. CNC Gantry type machining center
    Max process size : 4100*2800mm
    Tolerance: 0.02mm
    Reference product:
    3. Floor-type Horizontal boring machine
    Max process size : 3000*1700*1800mm
    Tolerance: 0.02mm
    4. Program control Fixed-beam planner Grinder
    Max process size : 5500*2500mm
    Tolerance: 0.03mm
    5. Vertical machining center
    Max process size : 1500*800mm
    Tolerance: 0.02mm
    6. Program Control Fixed-beam planner Miller
    Max process size : 5500*2500mm
    Tolerance: 0.2mm
    7. Edge Milling machine
    Max process size : 3000*10000mm
    Tolerance: 0.3mm
    Small Milling Machine
    Max process size : 4000*1400mm
    Tolerance: 0.2mm
    9. Welding workshop
    10. CNC Flame / Plasma cutting
    Max process size : 15000*5000mm
    Tolerance: 2mm
    11. Pre-treatment of the steel plate and profile steel
    Standard : ISO SA2.5
    Process : blasting + shop primer
    Max process size : 3000*15000mm
    12. Hot Galvanizing
    Max process size : 3000*1800*12500mm.


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